Petroleum Crude Oil

Kimrad is a major transporter of petroleum crude oil and condensate in Texas, Oklahoma, and other parts of the country. Drivers are fully trained to "properly work the oil" and are capable of loading and unloading in many different configurations.

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Various Liquid, Dry Chemicals & Fertilizers

Kimrad offers a Transport Solution for customers that need to move everything from sodium sulfate to xylene. Specialized equipment on the tractors and trailers allows our professional drivers to safely load and unload at many locations throughout the United States.

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Liquid Asphalt

Kimrad Transport transports liquid asphalt, used for everything from asphalt roofing shingles and materials to specialized pipe coatings to paving roads and parking lots. Our drivers are trained in the proper techniques required for the safe transportation of this material.

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Bulk Dry Materials

Kimrad transports agricultural fertilizers such as anhydrous ammonia and other liquid and dry fertilizers to farming communities from Texas to Minnesota.

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Kimrad will transport materials ranging from asphalt to liquefied petroleum gas. Kimrad performs product transfers for large refiners and producers. Our equipment has the capability of pumping product from trailer to storage, or the other way around. Our drivers have extensive training opportunities with various products that keep our drivers available to earn more miles and revenue every day. Kimrad also has a full-time maintenance facility to maintain its equipment and keep a higher standard of safety on the road with highly trained maintenance technicians.