Our Services

Petroleum Crude Oil

Kimrad is a major transporter of Petroleum Crude Oil and Condensate in Texas, Oklahoma, and other parts of the country.

Various Liquid, Dry Chemicals & Fertilizers

Kimrad offers a Transport Solution for customers that need to move everything from sodium sulfate to xylene.

Liquid Asphalt

Kimrad Transport transports Liquid Asphalt, used for everything from Asphalt Roofing Shingles and Materials to Specialized Pipe Coatings to Paving Roads and Parking Lots. Our drivers are trained in the proper techniques required for the safe transportation of this material.

Bulk Dry Materials

Kimrad transports Agricultural Fertilizers such as Anhydrous Ammonia and other Liquid and Dry fertilizers to farming communities from Texas to Minnesota.

Kimrad Transport, LP

KIMRAD TRANSPORT, LP, founded in October 2003 by Brad and Kimila Pohlmeier, is a regional cargo transport company that specializes in transporting liquid asphalt, petroleum crude oil, and other liquid petrochemicals to various industries and customers.

We are headquartered in Amarillo, Texas. Our main service area encompasses the South Central region of the United States including Lubbock, Midland, Abilene in Texas, Roswell, Carlsbad and Santa Fe in New Mexico, and Lawton and Norman Oklahoma. Valued shippers include Valero Energy, Asphalt and Fuel Supply, Calumet Industries, Gary Williams Energy, Alon USA, Suncor Energy, Plains Marketing, High Sierra Energy, Agrium Inc, and other leaders in the petroleum industry.

KIMRAD TRANSPORT, LP operates well maintained late model, top quality, conventional tractors that any owner/operator would be proud to drive. Every driver is professionally trained and certified in hazardous material regulations and each piece of equipment is properly maintained to keep our professional drivers and the people they share the roads with safe. KIMRAD TRANSPORT, LP is dedicated to safely transporting and delivering our customer’s valuable product.